Medi-Vet Equiplast 7.5cm X 4.5metres

Medi-Vet Equiplast 7.5cm X 4.5metres

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Adhesive elastic bandage, similar to Elastoplast.

High Twist, Cotton Elastic Cloth.

Zinc Oxide and Latex Free based Adhesive mixture.

Available in 5cm, 7.5cm and 10cm width.

Provides a strong adhesion with minimal residue.

High Twist Cotton, Provides strength for dynamic strapping.

Soft Cotton cloth conforms readily to joint contours, such as Hocks, Fetlocks etc.

Porous Construction, permitting skin to breath and moisture to pass through.

Yellow / Red centre line on back of cloth acts as an overlap guide for uniform application and pressure.

Dry, Feathered Edge, to provide neat, comfortable application